Thursday, 15 February 2007

An Update

Just in case there are people following my blog, other than the fantastic Fly Girls, I thought I would do a quick update.

So far I have resisted pulling out my manuscript and starting any work on it, but it's been tough. It calls to me, it calls to me with the siren song of the cooling fan on my laptop.

To make sure I don't pull it out before I'm ready I've started a short story. Very short, target word count about 2,000. I'm going to use the process to try and hone my scene setting and description skills. You have to be tight in a short story, extremely tight, so it will be an interesting process.

Even though I can write 2,000 words in a couple of hours, even an hour if I'm on a roll, this is more about delicate and deliberate writing than a purge of my brain onto the computer screen. This means my 300 words a day still stands but I won't be looking to do much more than that each night in an attempt to make each 300 of those words actual "good" words. If that makes any sense...

Once I've finished doing the short story, probably a week or two, I'll start the revision of my WIP.

So that's me.


Barbie Jo said...

Sounds like you've got a fantastic plan of attack! so what's the short story about? If it's 2K words will you post it so we can read it?? (even though technically it's an exercise)

My agent just got back to me with some feedback from a recent trip to NYC where they pitched both my contemporary & YA books. Things look good for the contemp., but the YA I'm slightly disappointed. It seems teen spy/mystery/secret agent stuff is a bit overdone. so...I'm putting the 2nd book in the series on hold and I've come up with an awesome paranormal idea that I'm hoping will fly. I've been working on the outline (I hate them) and started the first chapt (going well!), so now I'm going to give ye ol synopsis a whirl!

Here again, I have conflict issues. I'm just not a conflict person, ya know???

*waiting patiently for another short story update*

OzWriter said...

Heya Barbi Jo,

Not sure if I'll post it cause one day I might want to enter it in a competition or try to publish it in some form. But I'll get your email address of Jennifer and I'll send you a copy when I'm done.

What's it about? Well that's still evolving, but I am trying to make something a little scary, in the woods, at night... Cliché sure, but again it's about keeping my hand in the craft and not falling out of the loop too much.

That's a shame about the YA, but I think it's also a shame when publishers say that a particular genre is "overdone at the moment". If you weren't a published author, an unknown, I'd understand. But you are published, and no doubt have avid fans. So it won't matter if a genre is overdone, they will still buy it, recommend it to their friends, and expend your readership even further. *sigh*

That said, I love paranormal type stuff so goody goody goody goody :-)


Jennifer Talty said...

Hi Ozwriter!

You amaze me. Seriously. I'm awed by the way you approach things and know what it is you need to do. What works best for you.

Enjoy the short story. the first one I wrote was a total blast.

OzWriter said...

It's easy to have a positive attitude at this point. I've only been doing this since the end of October and I haven't had my spirit crushed by countless rejection letters yet LOL.


Jennifer Talty said...

Rejection builds character. Or at least that is what I try and make myself believe.

OzWriter said...

Well I hope that despite my best intentions I survive my first rejection letter, then the second and the third...

Jennifer Talty said...


I won't tell you how many rejections I've gotten, but I can tell you that I never let it get me down, or make me quit and look what happened...I'm a freaking published author! God I love to say that. I know, I'm a dork.

Barbie Jo said...

Okay...JEN is the published one. I was only technically published in the newspaper. so no, I don't have a fan base 'yet'.

And rejections, yeah... while disappointing, they don't make me want to stop writing. They actually fuel the fire because I believe in what I'm writing and it's good damn it!!

Just got to find someone else that thinks so....

But onward and upward and I've really worked the paranormal idea around this weekend (between shovelling the six feet of freaking snow!) *oh, and the snowblower broke so if we get anymore snow I'm just staying home*

Happy writing all!!!

Oh, and please do email me the short (Jen can give you my addy) I'd love to read it when it's done!

Cravon said...

Man, I had to sign up just to post with a cool picture of myself. Oh well, that makes uhm...5 blogs I have in the world.

I've read yoru short story, it was leaked on the Internet...dude, who did you write it for? I thought you were just supposed to write it for yourself?

Cravon said...

Hhmmmm you shoulda gone with Myspace. ;-) Much cooler and neato things for blogs. The pictures are easier to set up too, but I digress.

OzWriter said...

Cravon said: dude, who did you write it for? I thought you were just supposed to write it for yourself?

Yeah, I've already outed myself (see latest post). Thanks for lunch today, Man.

Cravon said:
Hhmmmm you shoulda gone with Myspace. ;-) Much cooler and neato things for blogs.

Yeah, trust you to be distracted by the shiny pretty things when you should be concentrating on just one thing, WRITING! ;-P