Thursday, 8 February 2007

I'm Finished. Or am I? 127,000 Words

It's weird. I've written The End, but I'm not that excited... Where are the singing angels, the sounding of the trumpets? The golden light to bathe me from above?

Man, I don't know. I've reached the end, but I don't know if I have done it cleanly. Have I wrapped it up properly? Or have I finished it in the spirit of a "first draft"? Have I just wrapped it up for the sake of a finish and will revisit the finish in the second draft? I don't know.

I was working on it for a while last night and the events progressed to the finish, using the same ending I wrote a month or two ago, but ultimately I was just pushing words around on the page.

I could have fiddled and tweaked and massaged it all to hell, but in the end I thought screw it, this book is ending.

So is it finished? It feels finished. So I guess it must be.

Now it goes into a drawer for a few weeks before I do the first major revision.

I wonder what I'll do in the meantime?

Are you disappointed with my post? Thought I would be more thrilled? Yeah, me too.


Anonymous said...

I think you're just disillusioned by the fact that you actually know there is more to do. You'll have to do your second, and possibly third drafts to make it complete. Once you get it tweaked to perfection, you'll get rush as you pick up the phone to call the publishing agent.

OzWriter said...

Hi AnonymousR,

You're probably right. With this whole process I have always worked on the premise that this is a first draft, never made any bones about that to myself or others.

So I suppose while I have finished the story, I have not finished the book, there is still a helluva lot of work to go.

I should just stop being a woos I guess.

Thanks Mate.


Jennifer Talty said...


I think anonymous has a point. And you know it's a draft. You know you need to make it shine. We've talked about this. But be proud. You wrote the end. That is a huge deal. Just because it's not ready to face the world yet, you got the words out. My hat is off to you my friend. Yippee!

Now let it simmer for a little while, not too long. Turn those ideas over in your head. Maybe write a few down in a seperate document. And then in a few days, pull that sucker out and start working with what you have.


Your friend,


Barbie Jo said...

YAY!!! it's done!!! Hey, look, I'm shining a flashlight on your pic (creating that bath of light ya know?) I'd sing, but it wouldn't sound like a choir of angels (shut UP Jen!) - it would probably be some country tune or 80's rock thang. Oh, look, I just did a cartwheel for you! There, you've now had your official "the end" moment.

But seriously, do you have critique partners at all, or have you entered this journey alone? sometimes a fresh set of eyes will see or pick up on the things you're too close to the story to pin point yourself. Either way, you'll be surprised what you'll find as your read that story again. You're off to a great start, you've finished the sucker and you didn't have any false expectation. You know it's a work in process - Now take a breather and get ready for the next 'process'.

I'll work on my back flip (better go to the chiropracter first. - HA!)

Amanda said...

Sounds like the finish of a first draft to me. Disbelief that it's "done," but also exhaustion knowing that there's more work to come.

OzWriter said...

Thanks Jen and Barbie. Your words mean a lot as you have been there and done what I'm trying to do.

Amanda, I think you have summerised how I am feeling perfectly.

A couple of days later I'm feeling a bit better about everything. It's Friday morning in Australa as I type this and I'm thinking I will take the weekend off from all forms of book writing.


Jennifer Talty said...


Enjoy you weekend off. Do something fun. Treat yourself to something special.

Me, I'm heading to PA for another hockey tournament.