Sunday, 14 January 2007

A New Milestone - 100,000 Words

Say it with me, folks. Big words now, big noise, from the pits of your stomachs, ONNNNNE, HUNDRED, THOU(big mouth now, big mouth)-SAAAAAAND, (really deep for this one) WHHOOOOOOORDS!!

Yuh that's right, 100,000 words, or 101,297 to be exact. Hey what do you know, I have a novel on my hands. Doesn't mean they are readable words, but there is a lot of them all the same, and I think I have close to a quarter, or half as much again before this project is finished.

I think my writing has improved immensely since I started this project and I find myself thinking a lot more about how the characters are interacting with each other, how the settings are impacting on them, and trying to do my best to evoke emotion in the reader. I certainly know what I did today evoked disgust with what I wrote, but it was good disgust.

Let me explain. I needed a powerful scene, powerful emotion, I needed something that would hopefully hold a reader the same way a train wreck is about to happen that you just can't look away from.. I think I got it, or at least I'm getting it, I might have gone a little overboard with how the characters are talking to each other in some very confrontational scenes. The second draft should tighten it up a bit, focus the words a little more.

So yay for me, another month or two and I might be done with this first draft *sigh*


Jennifer Talty said...

Hey Ozwriter - Yeah you! That is awesome! I'm sure it's great.

And about that convo with your characters - as long as they are staying in character, all is well.

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Fantastic, Oz, and by the way....nice picture;))

Manic Mom said...

Way to go Oz! Found you from the talented Fly Girls (weren't they dancers in that show with the Wayan Bros? What was the name of that show anyway?!?!

100,000 kicks it! Yahoo! My novel landed in at 120,000 freakin' words... imagine how much fun I had chopping it down to 100,000.


Catch ya later.

OzWriter said...

Afternoon ladies.

Thanks very much for your comments. It's been a fair whack of work to get here and I still have a bit more to go. Onwards, I say, onwards!

Manic Mom, I've had thoughts of what will happen if the book needs to be cut down. Right now I feel I am doing the Director's Cut, throwing in everything that I want. There are a couple of scenes that while I think are essential to the story could they ultimately be culled if necessary.


Jennifer Talty said...

You know, the first book I wrote was 100,000 words, then I chopped to 90,000, then down to 80,000. Yep. I pretty much aim for 85-90, but that is after I edit. I'm always amazed when I go through a MS and I say to myself "Oh, didn't I just say that." or "Wow, that sucks and makes no sense and I can just delete it." or Kari says, "Um Jen, not sure how to tell you this, but well, you know, um, yeah, this part, not working to well."

Hi Manic! I wave frantically. Yeah, that was me, a talented dancer. Snort. YOu must have seen that horrid picture of myself dancing since some idiot dared me to do it and well...nevermind.

Jennifer Talty said...

Hey, it's almost Monday! For a few hours we will be on the same day, right? Geez, time zones mess with my frontal lobe.

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Mine have been long, then short, now in between. One is 82,ooo and one is 93,ooo. This next series I'm shooting for between 85,000 and 95,ooo. We'll see. Don't stress about words. Editors are all different anyway. It's more about the story.

PS, hope it's okay. I linked you ;-)

Barbie Jo said...

What a major accomplishment!! (That ROCKS!) My hats off to YOU!! Doesn't it give you a great feeling when you finish typing those last words? Sure, there will be revisions, but the battle is 1/2 over. (or is it 1/2 begun? Crap, I hate fractions!)

Take a much needed break then jump right in on the next book!!! My contemporaries are around 75,000 and my young adult books tend to be around 40-42,000. Honestly, I don't think at this point in my life I could crank out 100,000 plus word book. I'll leave that to y'all.

Oh, and kari beat me to it, but I was going to ask if I can link you too?? Or should I just do it, THEN tell you (eh-hem..KARI!)

OzWriter said...

Morning ladies!

Thanks for the congrats. I reckon there is still another 30,000 words left in this first draft. I have the very basics of the next two scenes in my head and I know how the book is going to finish (so far). That 30,000 should be reasonably accurate unless I have some major idea that hits me.

Thank you very much for the links, and it's ok, you didn't need to ask, but I'm glad you let me know.

Jennifer Talty said...

No, Good Evening!

I feel like I'm time traveling. Snort.

Keep writing! :)