Sunday, 28 January 2007

Writing While Away

Alrighty, I've learned a few of things from my little camping trip away.

One, I still need to write, the very thought of not writing for five days was something that concerned me greatly. To the extent that I even got my daily quota out of the way on Wednesday before I left just in case I didn't do them later for some reason. So I actually only wrote for four days. But even today, still on holiday knowing that my computer was only a few hours away, I still did a few pages while sitting in a cafe enjoying a coffee.

Two, I can write by hand, but I hate it. I hate it because it is too slow, it takes too long. My brain is galloping ahead with settings, dialog etc, and my fast cramping hand is still scrawling the first sentence. I did 2,500 words over the four days where I was writing in a journal so I did well and above my self imposed minimum 300 words a day, quite happy about that.

Three, despite being able to do that meagre output, the massive downside is when I got home this afternoon and I typed it into the computer I gave myself a splitting headache and actually started feeling a little queasy. I suspect this is a combination of looking at the journal, down to the keyboard, up to the monitor, down to the keyboard, back to the journal etc etc etc (I can type reasonably fast, but I can't touch type). This is actually a real shame because I did enjoy scrawling in the journal when my hand wasn't giving me grief. I wouldn't do it all the time, but a change of scenery without looking like a pompus twat in a cafe with a laptop would have been nice. The headache and nausea is going to rule out transcribing from paper to computer in the future though.

But I did survive, there was output, I made it, and now I'm back. I don't think the handwriting I did was of the greatest quality due to not being able to delete and re-write an entire paragraph in a minute. But it was enjoyable all the same and tomorrow I'll be keen in getting some more words done on the ole faithful puter so I can get into the home stretch of this my first novel.


Jennifer Talty said...

Well, I for one am glad you are back. You were missed. I'm also glad you got some writing done. With the insanity of my kids and their never ending quest for hockey all across the state and Canada, well, I'm in hotel rooms at least twice a month. I worry about my writing, but manage to lock myself away and I do have a loptop. But occassionally long hand is required. I stopped trying to write it "all" down and now I just do scene ideas, or snappy dialogue and leave the rest for when I'm at the computer.

But the real question is - did you have a fun relaxing time while on holiday? I hope so!

OzWriter said...

I'll be honest with you, I've had better trips away. The weather was lousy (raining when we were setting up, filthy hot the next day, blowing a gale the day after, etc) and we seemed to be waiting around for our friends, a lot.

The writing part was good though. I was worried that if I wasn't in my normal writing setting (in front of puter with Tool or similar playing in the background) I wouldn't be able to invoke the muse. No such problems though and all things considered I'm happy with the output.


Jennifer Talty said...

At least you don't have snow! And some idiot who backs out of your driveway, into your front lawn and gets stuck. I posted about it a day or two ago, even got pictures. There is one post after it though, but if you want a good lauch, go look at the pics on my blog.

Glad the writing went well. I must go back to mine now. I spend way too much time in Australia these days. Snort.