Wednesday, 3 January 2007

He Wrote, She Wrote: How to Write

I was following links of blogs to blogs to blogs and found one by Jennifer Talty where she has posted about a year long online course (or series of posts) about, funnily enough, writing and finishing your book. The course is by Jenny Cruisie & Bob Mayor who between them have forty-six published novels, so it sounds like there is some good knowledge there to tap into!

The syllabus looks very interesting and covers everything from starting, plotting, characters, scenes, sex (yes sex), publishing, editing and a whole heap more. In the site's FAQ they make no bones about that the intention of providing this free series of courses for the next twelve months will lead to a published non-fiction book on how to write.

Hey, if they deliver the online content for free, who am I (or anyone) to begrudge that?

Anyway, the first "lesson" has been published encouraging people to think about their one sentence idea, that sentence that basically kicked off your book. I had a think about mine and came up with:

“Can a *** based on an ancient myth surrounding *** be the answer James has been seeking to cure him of his ***?”

I've deliberately censored the key words surrounding my plot idea, but it was an interesting exercise all the same in trying to keep it down to a short concise statement/question of less than 25 words.

Is not telling anyone my idea a sign of the true novice writer, someone so naive that they would actually think someone else could "steal" their idea? Well I don't care if it is. Check back with me after I have published my first book and see if I think different.

I've added the site to my own bookmarks and plan to check it out to see how it goes. If you want to have a look at He Wrote, She Wrote: How to Write then follow this link.


Jennifer Talty said...

Oh My God! Someone actually is listenting to me! Let me tell you that Bob and Jenny are amazing and I can say that because I've met them and had a critique done by Bob. Excellent teachers, excellent writers.

Okay, OzWriter. I've got a couple of must reads for you.

Tell No One by Harlan Coben
Body Guard of Lies by Robert Doherty (AKA Bob Mayer)
Don't Look Down by Jenny Crusie and Bob Mayer.

Right now they are my three favorite books. I have read them all more than once.

I've added you to my links.

OzWriter said...

Hi Jen,

Of course I'm listening to you, I think your blog is great and you raise interesting issues (damn, I’m sure I added your blog to my links because I enjoy it so much, I’ll fix that).

Thanks for the recommendations, I read a good interview on Harlan a little while ago in a writing magazine (where is it? Under here? What about there? My desk is such a freakin mess. Over here? This one, no, that's Writer's Digest. Ah, found it), September's issue of The Writer (US). Sounds like he does some interesting work.

Currently I'm reading some old school Stephen King, Salem's Lot. MAN that early stuff of his is fantastic!

All right, enough dilly dallying from me, I have to write my words for today. And it's a Saturday, so a self imposed minimum target of 3,000 words has been assigned.

Where did my life go?


Jennifer Talty said...

I love Salem's Lot! I don't read a lot of Stephen King much any more, but not because I don't like him, but more because of where I went in my writing...romance. Well, Romantic Suspense.

I read that article too. Harlan is very cool.

Good luck with the writing. I've got to get a few words in this morning, but then I've got hockey games with my kids. Talk about where did your live go, try being a parent to three kids who all play travel hockey! Yikes.

Thanks for the link. You'll never get rid of me now. :)