Sunday, 7 January 2007

Backup Your Work!!!

Well this weekend has pretty well been a write-off. I did my words yesterday (Saturday) and was looking forward to another productive day today, but my computer wouldn't start. Long story short, it looks like my computer took a power spike that has wiped it out. It's taken me all day to get my other computer up and running to a point where I can use it (now 7pm Sunday).

What's my point? Well if I didn't have a backup of my novel on a USB stick (plus CD-Rom) my 90,000 words I have done so far - and all my other very important files - would be gooooooooooone...

My personal regime is copying my novel onto a USB stick every night when I am done for the day. Every other week I also burn a copy of my novel onto a CD-Rom. I do this because USB sticks aren't renowned for their reliability, so I make sure I have a backup, backup.

What else do I do? Well what would happen if (god forbid) my house burnt down? In case of this I also have an offline copy of my novel in the form of an email sent to a friend. Sure, if my house burnt down loosing my book will be pretty low on my priorities, but the thought of going back and starting it from scratch isn't a thought I relish and it takes me all of thirty seconds to send a copy to a friend.

Now I'll just wipe the sweat of fear from my brow and see if I can concentrate enough to punch out a page or two tonight. So what have you done recently to protect your work in the event that your computer blows up?


Jennifer Talty said...

Geez, sorry. So glad you had a back up. So glad to meet someone else who is as anal as I am about it. I back up onto an external drive, a usb thing and then copy it all to the main computer in the house. I also burn CD's and print the stupid books.

Yep, once had a crash and hadn't backed up. Lesson learned.

OzWriter said...

G'day Jennifer,

Lucky for me my day job has been working in IT support for about the last ten+ years, so backing up files like this is second nature.

I must say though, this is my first hardware failure at home, so it's gratifying to see the good practice actually come to save me.

I wonder if I can do a restore of my motivation when I lose it..?


yvette said...

Oh my gosh. I'm sorry that happened, Glenn. I've had it happen to me and I did lose everything. I send my writing to my email account every time I finish for the night. I do need an additional backup system though. I don't really trust my flash drive.

Jennifer Talty said...

Flash drives can fail. That's why I do more than that.

I'll give you a good kick in the butt if you lose your motivation.

By the way, is that your eye? If it is, great color.

OzWriter said...

Yvette said: I send my writing to my email account every time I finish for the night.

Another good suggestion, Yvette. Although make sure you have your passwords written down somewhere (safe) so you can get to your webmail from another computer if need be. Nothing worse than not being able to remember your passwords.

Jennifer said:I'll give you a good kick in the butt if you lose your motivation. By the way, is that your eye? If it is, great color.

Thanks Jen, I need all the help I can get to keep my motivation up. Writing a bit at the moment I am not sure will be in the final novel and I'm really struggling. But it is one of those cause and effect scenes, both backwards and forwards. I'm not liking how it is coming out but I'm forging ahead regardless because I need what happens here to segue to the next bit.

And yeah, that's my eyeball, taken on my 33rd birthday last year, seemed more green than their usual hazel for some reason :-) Thanks for the compliment *blush*


Jennifer Talty said...


Okay, surge forward! I just had this convo with another writer. I'ts important to get the story out. Or as i like to say, puke it out. Editing will always happen. I've even taken chunks out. Moved chapters around. But you have to write the story (of course you have to have that all important orginal idea!). I just love Bob and Jenny. They are so cool.

33 eh? You spring chicken you. Wait until 40. It sucks getting old.

OzWriter said...

Oh right now this has all been an exercise in upchucking what's in my brain into a glorious riot of words on a computer (sorry to those with slightly sensitive constitutions).

It's the thing that has stopped me writing in the past. I would start out with an idea, get maybe 3,000 words in and start thinking to myself, "This is shit, who would want to read it, what a stupid idea" etc. I would talk myself out of going any further.

BUT NOT THIS TIME! Crap or not, it will be written!!!