Tuesday, 5 December 2006

To Think a Broken Arm Would Cause So Much Hassle

No I don't have a broken arm, neither does my guy. It's one of the other characters in the book. Something happens and a bunch of guys are injured, one of them ends up with a broken arm. That seemed good, seemed to give me the cause and effect to move from one scene to another, but then problems.

A quick bit of research showed a broken arm had a number of issues: splintered bone, infections, inability to straighten it out without risking more damage. So damn, that won't really work. Fine, I give him a dislocated shoulder instead. But wouldn't you know it, I don't think that would hurt enough. Damn. OK fine then, a compromise, a fractured arm then, will that do, will that be OK? I don’t think the character was happy being hurt in any fashion but in the end a fractured arm has turned out to be the best without totally ruining any believability the injury might have.

Why do I have to feel like I need to write believable fiction? Why can't I just write a bunch of crap? Why couldn't I break his arm at an awful angle and just have a couple of burly guys pull it straight and strap it to a board? Because I hate it when I read it - crap - that's why. A book of fiction full of stuff that is so impossible just detracts from a good story. Well for me it does anyway. I can only suspend my disbelief so far, ya know?

So I wasted a good hour or so tonight writing, rewriting and further writing just those few pages that involve the arm and the consequences of it (it may still end up in my "cutting room floor file"). Felt like such lost time and I only had 600 words by the time I was done. Was ready to throw it in for the night but after so much struggle I wanted decent output, I just don’t feel satisfied unless I crack four figures in a session anymore.

Thankfully the total word count by the end of the night is 2,100 words and another notation in my word file for things that will need serious attention in the second draft *sigh* Still, gotta take the good with the bad.

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