Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Passage of Time

I'm having a bit of an issue and it's not the one where I feel like I have lost a bit of momentum. No the issue is passing time within the story. I'm finding it a bit difficult to have a sequence of events from the current scene where I am now, to the next one which I already have mapped out in my head.

It would be too easy just to say, "...they jumped in the car and drove off into the distance with a lazy wave over their shoulders. Next stop, the town where things will happen..."

I feel I have to give a logical sequence of events leading up to getting in the car. Or maybe I don't? Maybe I could just chuck them in the car and push them on their merry way. But then I worry about continuity in the story and having to come back and fill in the gaps later.

Am I putting words on paper just to fill pages? That's the other question. All this worry I might end up with 5,000 words in the cutting room floor file, or an editor might send it back with instructions to 'cut out the fluff'. Still, when I think about it, I believe I need this sequence in the book. It is part of building more of a bond between my protagonist and his support people, so that hopefully when something bad happens to him/them later the impact is greater insert evil laugh here

Don't mind me, I'm just rambling. I have the week off for Christmas and I hope to have at least a couple of days where I will attempt to write, or be in the writing process, all day. Nice plan, we'll see how it turns out.

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