Sunday, 10 December 2006

Must, Write, EVERY, Day!

Wow, what a tough few days. I've just had confirmation that I must attempt to write at least my 300 words every day otherwise the wheels risk coming off in a big way.

Friday night I bought a bottle of red on the way home and it kept me company for most of the night. I've written when tipsy before, it's not pretty, I now try to avoid it. As always when you have had a few drinks under your belt you think you are capable of the most amazing things. Well one night, not too long ago, I had a drink or two before I started writing and found I was banging away at the keyboard at a furious rate, the ideas just flowing out of me, it was great, it was spontaneous, it was WRITING!

It was shit.

The next day when I read what I had done the night before, most of it went into the cutting room floor file. So I try not to write and drink if I can help it.

Friday night was a wash, what about Saturday? That was no good, I was baby-sitting my nephew for the weekend. I took my novel on USB stick so I could work on it if he got interested enough in a movie or something, but unfortunately being two and a bit, his attention span is is what you would expect from a two and a bit year old, so I got nothing done. That evening I was just too tired and the little bugger kept getting out of bed. Oh it was a real fun game. Not.

So come to Sunday, haven't written a thing in two days, I'm tired from my lack of sleep the night before, and I am getting really twitchy, I am like an addict going without my fix. But the nephew is still going off like a frog in a sock and I didn't get anything done. Finally got home this afternoon and sat in front of my computer, feeling better, knowing that I now had 900 words to churn out just to meet the quote for the last few days.

And I was staring at a mental blank wall. I started to panic a little, I have to admit, what if I can't think of anything to write? Is this the beginning of the end? What if I can't write anything?!

Thankfully I used a technique which has worked for me before which is to let my mind wander a little, type out some gibberish crap and then thankfully, THANKFULLY the words started flowing. 2,800 words later I've not only done the quota for today and the prior two days I missed, but I got some extra good stuff out as well. I'm disappointed I missed out on a good Saturday, but I have still done my minimum and that's what counts.

Really must not do that again - if I can help it.

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