Saturday, 2 December 2006

Ladies & Gentlemen, We Have Passed the 50,000 Mark

Happy day. I hadn't intended to at the start of the day, but I passed the 50,000 word mark after putting out another 3,000 words. The book is still progressing quite well and I am keen to get to the next couple of scenes. It feels like I have been writing in the current setting for ages, so a change will be nice.

I know 50,000 words isn't a lot in the grand scheme of a novel, but it is the first time I have been able to put so much into a book AND still have a lot of story yet to come!

75,000 words as my first draft target now seems so achievable it's ludicrous. Instead of revising how many words I would like to do, I think I will just let the book write itself and end when it feels like. This makes me very happy as it means the finished book should actually have some substance to it. Doesn't mean what I have now is all quality, but I'm happy with how I feel I'm improving my writing each day. I'm thinking more about the different nuances that can be applied to characters and settings and without going all "literary" or anything I'm quite pleased with some of my output.

Today's writing featured more of a nasty nightmare that I hope is a little scary and not too gruesome. I don't want to be a writer that relies on blood and gore for reaction if I can help it.

I'm still resisting the temptation to print out what I have written so far in case I get too twitchy to start re-writing before I plan too. I still need to stay focused on moving forwards.

Some stats on getting to this point:
  • Word count 50,200
  • Started on the 26th of October means a daily average of 1,321 words a day
  • MS Word says I have been editing the document for a little over 54 hours
  • Page count is 190 which averages out at 264 words a page
I also had the first comment today made to one of my posts. Thanks Yvette, you're too kind.

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