Sunday, 31 December 2006

It's a Brand New Year

I'm actually composing this on New Year's Eve just in case I'm not in a great frame of mind to write it up tomorrow, today, whatever...

I only had one resolution last year and that was to lose a bit of weight. I was 88kgs/197lbs and determined to get my weight back down to 80kgs/179lbs which I hadn't seen since I was a teenager. Well I reached that mark and then some with the lowest weight around October of 70kgs/156lbs.

Funnily enough writing a book wasn't one of my resolutions despite wanting to write something for about ten to fifteen years or so. That's another story I'll save for another post one day.

So, if you really want to know, my next New Year's Resolutions in order of preference:
  1. Of course to finish my book, properly, that is the #1 priority and right now I give myself a 100% chance of success in doing that.
  2. Submit my book to a publishers or agents, not sure the best route yet. I give myself about a 85% chance of actually doing that. Getting the book published isn't something I am making a resolution, I think that road may take longer than next year.
  3. Is to keep the weight off that I lost thanks to last year's resolution and not let my weight get back over 75kgs/168lbs. I rate those chances above 95%.
  4. Do more woodturning. That's write, I turn wood into shavings on a lathe and in the end I either have pretty bowls or pens, riveting stuff. I'm not that good at it, but it's a very relaxing hobby and I need to do it more. 90% chance of making that happen.
  5. Maybe drink a little less (and pigs might fly). Hmmm. Yuh, we'll just wait and see.

Best of luck to you and yours for the next 365 days. Dare to dream a little for this year, you never know what you might surprise yourself with.


yvette said...

Happy New Year, Glenn. I don't have any resolutions do I? Oh yeah to change my attitude and my clothes a bit. I've already started on that. I got three new outfits and two pair of shoes for Christmas. I also got a new hairstyle. Too bad I didn't lose any weight last year, so I'm still not showing my face. Lol. Hope you have a great year.

OzWriter said...

Hey Yvette,

Great to hear you have kicked off your new image with some clothes. A mate of mine always says to me (when talking about money), "Hey, you're not taking it with you, so why not spend it now?"

Within sensible reason it's great advice! I look forward to hearing more about how you're going with your image as well as Amira Press.