Friday, 29 December 2006

The First of Two Full Days

Almost a week ago I wrote that sometime soon I would be working on my novel for two full days. The first of those two days, yesterday, has now passed and I'm pretty chuffed. To say I wrote all day is probably a bit of a stretch. I actually got in front of the keyboard around 9am all ready to go, but thought I would check out a couple of my favorite blogs first, which invariably led to links of other blogs and oh my where has the time gone it is 45 minutes later.


That's what I get for not logging into my Writing profile which only includes my novel, iTunes and Internet Explorer with a blank list of Favorites and is pre-loaded with (for givin' me words that mean the same as other words cept fancier like), (for tellin' me what them fancy words mean in the first place) and (for research, no really).

I also fiddled around a fair bit during the day, I would have a spurt for five hundred words before hitting a lull. Then another five hundred and I decided I need new music. Another five hundred and it's time for another coffee. Plus of course there was lunch. And more coffee, and tea, and so and and so forth. If anyone that's reading this is a writer then you can probably empathise.

But despite that, despite that, I was still able to get out a goodly number of words by 5pm when my brain finally told me enough was enough and I could go stuff my creativity where the sun just don't shine. So how many words had I achieved? 6,300 which for ME is a really big deal. That's a little more than twice that I have written in a single day before. Now if you are a writer and reading this and your thinking to yourself, "Geez, he led me on through this post only to give me whole total of 6,300 words? What a hack. I don't get out of bed for anything less than 10,000." Well then yay for you, but this is me we're talking about here and if I can get close to that again today then I will have covered a huge amount of ground.

Hell, I could even be pretending I'm a real writer and might actually do this for a living one day. And I might win the 33 Million Powerball on New Years Eve too...

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Melissa said...

I found your blog through Yvette's blog and I have to say I know exactly how you feel about time fading right before your eyes, especially on days when you really want to get "real" writing accomplished. I always get on the web in the morning and say "I'm just going to check my mail and get to writing" and then I get lost online for a good hour before I realize where the time went. Well, I applaud your 6300 words! Every word written is an accomplishment. That's more than I did