Friday, 17 November 2006

Status of the novel right (write) now.

What am I writing? Well unfortunately I am going to be very cagey about specific plot and content. The reason for this is I am concerned as hell about someone "borrowing" my idea. Call me paranoid, meh. These are the vital statistics I can give you if you're interested:
  • Started writing the novel 26th October 2006
  • Horror/thriller type of theme, first person POV, set in present day (although I might change that last part)
  • I set myself a daily minimum target of 300 words
  • Currently sitting at 23,400 words with a daily average of 1,063 words
  • 1st draft target of 75,000 words
  • 2nd draft target of 100,000 words+
  • MS Word says I have been editing my document for 1,600 minutes (26.6 hours)

MS Word Configuration is in a format most recomended by publishers:

  • Courier New Font 12pt
  • Margins 1" top, bottom, left, right
  • Paragraphs set to attached image below
  • With current format the novel at this time weighs in at 91 pages

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