Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Got Past the Ceremony

Just warming up before I start tonight's writing, kind of like a limbering exercise I guess...

Anyway, last night I sat at the keyboard with no idea how I was going to kick the ceremony off, or what it was going to entail, or how it was going to segue into the next bit. So I just started writing, let my mind wander, and then a few thoughts came to me. Banged them out, got inspired, check the web for some technical information (Wikipedia for the win), yup that might work and VOILA! I am past that bit, something I thought was going to be a real barrier, but with the basics I have down it might just work.

At 1,200 words last night it's really thin on the ground, make no mistake, but when I come back to it in the second draft I'll really flesh it out along with some study resources I bought from Amazon.com the other day (should be here mid December).

Well that's enough flapple from me, time to get writing for tonight. Hopefully I can write something a little dark and scary (post ceremony consequences doncha know) so I'll be putting on some Tool "10,000 Days" to assist the mood.

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