Saturday, 18 November 2006

A good day - Book odo reads 26,000 words

I like writing on weekends, it just feels like I don't have as many time constraints as I do during the week. So today I punched out 2,600 words, before I started running out of impetus, and the book has reached a milestone of 100 pages. Very happy about that because it's barely 1:30pm.

I'm getting worried though, I'm fast reaching the point where I need to put my guy through some form of ceremony and I'm not sure if I can pull it off yet. See, he has something wrong with him, and the ceremony could/should/might fix him up. So it has to be cool and dark and hopefully a little scary but I'm drawing a bit of a blank what I am going to do.

Unless something hits me between the eyes soon I'll probably just gloss over it - put a basic filler mumbo-jumbo ceremony in there as a place holder - and move to the next part which I already have the workings of in my head. The second draft is where I'll attack those parts that are a little thin on the ground. Even though the book is fiction, and you can make any old shit up, it still has to have an air of realism about it so it's more palatable to the reader.

For me I feel it's critically important to keep this first draft moving forward as much as I can, if I let myself begin to agonise over what is supposed to happen or about what is supposed to come, well the book could grind to halt and now that it has some inertia behind it that is something I can't afford.

Overall though I am feeling confident I can push on with my 300 word a day minimum. Even last night, after I set up this blog, I was giving thought to skipping my words for the evening. But no, I tethered myself to the keyboard and hammered away until the book was 315 words fatter. I didn't have that sick guilty feeling later which was nice.

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