Sunday, 19 November 2006

Another good day - Book odo reads 28,700 words

Saturdays, Sundays, both primo days for writing. Just knocked out another 2,700 words and I might, just might have my ceremony issue licked. Not totally mind you, but I gave my guy a nasty dream and I have an idea of how I can work that into a ceremony style kind of thing. I'll see what the next few days of writing bring.

In my guy's dream he finds himself in a dark grove. The inspiration came from a lunch time walk the other day alongside a lake. I went through a particular group of trees, it was a bit damp, a bit chilly, a bit gloomy and I thought to myself, "Hmmm I wouldn't want to be walking through here at night, especially if there was a mist or something." Sold, queue up one nightmare for my guy. Seems to have worked pretty good too, although it will need a lot of tidying up in the 2nd draft.

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